About Elastic Mobile

Elastic Mobile was foundes 2009. 2011 we moved to Ideon Research Park in Lund and joined the incubator Ideon Innovation. Now we are based on our own premises in the Ideon beta. We are active mainly in Sweden but also have number of international customers. 

Elastic Mobile is founded on values like long term commitment, technical expertise and trust but to create flexible and elastic solutions 

Our mission is to innovate and modernize existing systems with new technologies in a cost effective way and with short lead time.

We believe in

  • the creation of business value by utilizing our technical expertise
  • close and long-term customer relationships
  • to build robust structures on elastic resources to variable cost
  • mobility and flexibility
  • open solutions and open systems

We are in now 7 people and plan to grow during the current financial year. We often work with partners in network to handle larger assignments. We prefer short lead times from idea to prototype to finished solution.


The original idea behind Elastic Mobile was to create secure mobile solutions for businesses and organizations to increase efficiency and flexibility. The technology was ready but few used it because of lack of skills around security and mobile technology. Richard had been working on the design of this type of solution for KLT a number of years before Elastic was born. We realized the need, and we had the solution.

The solutions we created would be in placed on cloud-based infrastructure. The cloud was also a technology that was available but not widely used at that time for the same reasons as mobile data solutions. Just before the start of Elastic Mobile, Per has been CEO of a traditional local IT operation business and understood the early changing trend for the market of IT operations when global cloud players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google gained momentum.

In Elastic Mobile, we saw a "virtual" IT operation, highly skilled, with local support, professional operations processes but with the data centers and equipment in the IT-cloud where capacity is purchased by the hour. No investments - only variable costs for both Elastic Mobile and our customers.

During the years after Elastic Mobile started, we have seen the smartphone and app-trend come, cloud-based operations have become a obvious alternative to traditional IT operations and the concept of "cloud engineering", with expertise in cloud computing, data communications and IT security, has become established. 

Founder and management


Richard Niklasson

richard.niklasson @elasticmobile.se

Tel: +46768-516005

Communications, IT Security Architect, Solution Designer, Technical Business Development

Background: Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH), Försvarets Radioanstalt (FRA), Q-labs, UniScience, UniTel, Ideon Center, Internet Pro



Per Sevrell

per.sevrell @elasticmobile.se

Tel: +46768-728128

Project Management, IT Operations, ITIL, SLAs, Contracts, Business Development

Background: LTH, ABB Corporate Research,  Sun Microsystems, Dimension, Avinova