Let's mobilize!

Mobilization is a refresh of existing business solutions by adding modern technology, a mix of mobile computing, cloud technology and security.

The business logic will be available through mobile iOS/Android/Windows apps, with a focus on availability and security. Our solutions always involve cloud technology. We act as project managers, designers for cloud migration solutions and cloud strategy projects. We have built extensive experiences of cloud technology since 2009 and have worked on deep technical levels with IAAS and primarily Amazon Web Services since. We were one of the first Swedish companies to become official Amazon Web Services "Consulting Partner". We are still one of a small number of companies that have a pure 100% cloud focus.


A mobilization consists of three parts:

  • Integration with the existing business system. This integration is often tailor made and we have a set of different types of solutions.
  • A "connector layer", takes care of the logic between mobile devices and the business integration. This "information broker" is a central part of the solution, and is often a set of cloud based servers and database.
  • Finally, the new mobile services, implemented in Android/IOS/Windows apps for interaction, messaging, collection of sensor data, statistics, alarms etc. 

The business logic is untouched in the existing central system, but now refreshed with mobile access, positioning, enhanced scalability and redundancy, messaging and app-packaging etc. Data management between the "Connector layer" and mobile devices are based on a methodology for reliable communication with focus on safety. Innovation is one of our guiding principles and our solutions are in the forefront of technology with focus on high reliability and availability.

A mobilization is the alternative to investment in new modern enterprise systems, which are more expensive, take longer time to deploy, requires training of personnel, etc.

Together with Elastic Mobile you will create new features with short lead time.