Cloud migration - let a cloud engineer help you!

The migration of all or part of existing business systems to the cloud benefits from a number of advantages:

  • Pay-as-you-go for servers and data storage. No investments needed.

  • Ability to elastically, with short lead time, be able to scale up and down resources such as server power, memory, storage and bandwidth as your needs change

  • Powerful backup solutions at reasonable cost

  • Opportunities to create powerful disaster recovery at a very reasonable cost

In a migration project you must evaluate the security profile and analyze the application's communication pattern, especially how network delays impacts the user experience.

Elastic Mobile has developed a process to manage IT cloud projects to migrate business systems, and build skills and understanding of cloud-based solutions at the client IT department. The process involves initial training of the local IT staff, a setup of cloud based tests and "proof-of-concepts" and then deployment and management of cloud based  business critical solutions. By the end of the migration project, we offer an operational agreement covering monitoring and management of the cloud based solution.

We often take the role as project manager when our customer implement cloud based systems, or start a migration to the cloud.

Contact us to discuss project setup for migration or implementation of cloud-based enterprise systems.

Elastic Mobile is an accredited partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). More information...