Cloud strategy

Elastic Mobile has extensive experience around cloud technology and cloud-based design that we use in strategy projects for our customers. We create individual arrangements with a focus on both technical and economic aspects around a cloud strategy. The setup typically includes a number of workshops, in some cases linked to specific pilot projects.

Example of a workshop agenda:

  • Overall concepts and technical solutions
  • Security aspects
  • Availability needs
  • Maintenance and support
  • Packaging and billing models
  • Economy in the cloud
  • Performance issues around communication and cloud resources, technical requirements on the cloud environment

A cloud strategy may start with the construction of a cloud-based managed IT service as a supplement to an existing operational environment. Please study the page Cloud Migration , if you are interested in more information about change projects where cloud-based infrastructure is used.

We have deep knowledge of the market and are following the development and trends regularly. We are neutral in respect of vendor selection and we are accredited "Consulting Partner" for Amazon Web Services (AWS). More information...