Many of the traditional mobile data projects we have been involved in are basically about Internet-Of-Things (IOT). Collection of local data, which is then transferred via mobile communication to cloud-based databases for analysis and presentation on the Web or mobile devices is IOT. Data collection can be done through the use of sensors in special electronics or in ordinary smartphones. We also have expertise around the management of standard industrial bus for connection to cloud environments for IOT solutions.

2012-2013, we participated in a pilot project for data management in agriculture where the measured values were collected from "difficult" environments such as pig stables, mills, etc. and stored in the AWS environment. The data were structured and then presented graphically in the mobile app and on the web. The data is used for monitoring and alarm handling of power consumption, temperature, etc.

We have ongoing contracts around the operation and administration since 2010 of IOT solutions we designed and developed for business critical data.

In parallel with these projects, we are presently active with IOT in the logistics industry and for data acquisition in sports equipment.

Sensor communication

Elastic Mobile offers our skills around communication, security and cloud technology to create IOT solutions. We cooperate with partners who are specialists in sensor technology, where our part of the solution is to collect data from measuring instruments and sensors, perform data processing and then manage communication with the centralized cloud servers, presenting data or communicate to other "things" on the Internet.