"Working Together Conference 2016" Göteborg 7-8 april

Elastic Mobile är inbjudna av Movex/M3-användarförening som talare på deras årskonferens, "Working Together Conference", i Göteborg den 7-8 april. Rubriken är "Implementation in the cloud" och kommer att belysa skillnader mellan vanlig traditionell outsourcing och molnbaserade lösningar, baserat på våra erfarenheter. Seminariet är på engelska.

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Mer info om vår presentation:

Implementation in the Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming ”the new normal” in design and implementation of IT systems and Infor has a clear M3 roadmap supporting that philosophy. Elastic Mobile is working with cloud based business critical solutions since 2009 and has experience of M3 environments in Amazon Web Services since 2011. During the session, we discuss our findings regarding the impact of a change from traditional IT operation to cloud based operation in terms of new skills needed, mental changes for an existing IT organization and advices how-to approach the IT-cloud in a strategic way.