Our role: Cloud Engineers

100% focus on IT-Cloud

Since 2009, Elastic Mobile has worked with cloud based infrastructure, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are certified AWS consulting partner and have extensive experience in design, implementation and operation of cloud-based solutions for small, medium and large businesses and organizations. 

To benefit from the advantages of cloud technology such as flexibility, short lead times and costs, you need skills around communication and IT security - the profile of a Cloud Engineer. All our Cloud Engineers are AWS certified and have a 100% focus on IT cloud solutions.

Strategy: IT cloud

We have developed a strategy approach we offer companies who want to complement existing IT strategy with cloud aspects. The method includes interviews, inventory of business systems and infrastructure and as a result recommended strategies around the IT cloud. The results are presented in workshops as well as in a cloud strategy document.

Design, migration and operation of cloud based IT solutions

Elastic Mobile has developed a process to manage IT cloud projects to migrate business systems, and build skills and understanding of cloud-based solutions at the client IT department. The process involves initial training of the local IT staff, a setup of cloud based tests and "proof-of-concepts" and then deployment and management of cloud based  business critical solutions. By the end of the migration project, we offer an operational agreement covering monitoring and management of the cloud based solution.

"Elastic Cloud Base"

The concept of "Elastic Cloud Base" is our successful concept to implement a cloud migration. This means that we create a bridgehead into the cloud world that connects to the company's local IT infrastructure. Using a locked down customer specific "Cloud Base" we create redundant robust communication solutions with focus on security connected to the world and to the existing local IT environment. The concept includes a customized monitoring services for trend analysis of traffic flows, resource utilization, etc. In the "Cloud Base", the client has the opportunity to build its own cloud-based IT environment and take advantage of the benefits of flexibility and scalability, with short lead time. From the "Cloud Base" we create links to external SAAS deliveries.